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"I am a fan of Mr. Dover's writing style. He is immediately captivating and highly entertaining, with a style that keeps to it's own beat. Truly an original voice in horror. I definitely recommend seeking out any and all of his works."

Zachary Walters - In The Mouths of Madness - Reader and Book Reviewer Extraordinaire



"Robin Dover writes exquisite anything... I have read his work. People will know about him one day. He has serious chops - could review a vacuum cleaner instructions pamphlet and I would hang on every word - truly one of the most articulate and intelligent authors I know - magnificent and ferociously original."


Terry M. West - Acclaimed Horror Author, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor at Pleasant Storm Entertainment



"I don't care how jaded a reader might be, there is no denying that is powerful imagery and excellent writing - his command of the English language is a wonder to behold - successfully pulls off a style that Peter Straub has tried (and in my opinion) not succeeded at for many years - an educated, higher tier of writing that requires the audience to be at least fairly proficient in English to really appreciate the full impact of his prose - an emotional resonance that openly invites the reader in. - Robin Dover is the Pablo Picasso of horror literature: What he brings to the table may look crazy on the surface, but he's got a plan and his work carries with it an undeniable power to compel, terrify and entertain."


D.S. Ullery - Contributing Author - Anthology When Red Snow Melts and Journals of Horror - Found Fiction; Poet and Reviwer Extraordinaire



"Cool and creepy..."


Robyn Contract Varon - Avid Reader, Master in Literature, Super Mom



". . . a Modern Master of Horror. . ."


Christopher Alan Broadstone - Writer, Editor and Director Black CAB Productions; Musician and Filmaker; Contributing Author Journals of Horror: Found Fiction; Producer of three award-winning short films to date, Scream For Me (Best Short Film: NYC Horror Film Festival, Best Underground Short: B-Independent.com), My Skin! (Best Horror Short: Shriekfest Film Festival [L.A.], Best Film/Director: Cinema Edge Awards), and Human No More (Best Horror Short: The Indie Gathering Film Festival [OH]).



"This man has a way of creeping into your brain. Poetic yet brutal. The only person I have found that rivals him is Gary Braunbeck. You need to check this author out. Now-ish."


Anthony Harlan - Voracious Reader; Reviewer; Dedicated Father, Husband and Community Philanthropist.


“A gifted writer with a command of the language. His prose will get under your skin and scratch it’s way back out.”


J.D. Barker - B.A. in English from Beaumont University and currently lives in Shadow Cove, Massachusetts. He is the Author of the magnificent novel, Forsaken; and the acclaimed short stories, Hybrid and Of The Lake.



Reference to Journals of Horror: Found Fiction's piece, 'Turn Me On, Dead Man':


"A creepy, encroaching madness piece with a nice circularity to it.  I give it a recommendation."


John F.D. Taff - Published Author with more than 75 short stories and five novels in print. Six of his short stories have been awarded honorable mentions in Datlow & Windling’s Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror. His anthology novella collection, 'The End in All Beginnings', is loved by Jack Ketchum and is part of the HWA’s Stoker Recommended Reading List, along with two individual novellas: “What Becomes God” and “The Long, Long Breakdown".



". . .a devilishly disturbing tale that I won't soon forget. Well done, times nine!"


Robin Spriggs - American writer, actor, and poet. Known primarily as a dark fabulist, he is the author of the critically acclaimed Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist and Wondrous Strange: Tales of the Uncanny and is a Bram Stoker Award Nominee.


Rik Apalooza-McRik -  Here is what Rik has to say after reading A Spicy Apple Glaze, "I just read it and it's great! A little hint of Neil Gaiman but not too much. Nice work, sir!"

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