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 Resignation is the first novel in the series known as 

 Shadows of Obsession, the larger-than-life supernatural drama 

 of the epic transformation of a man named James King… 

 The warfare and assassinations; orchestrated genocides, collateral   damage and ruined lives; the physical, mental and emotional toll; 

 the need to love and to be loved; finally drove James over the edge,   compelling him to consider the meaning of life. There has to be more   than this…  James King makes the biggest decision of his life: he hands   in his official resignation to those who move behind the scenes –   those who have become the myth, the machine of conspiracy and 

 separate reality known as – the Illuminati. 

 What would the Illuminati do if their most important asset resigned? 


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“Whoah! Powerful!” Dr. Fred Hatfield aka Dr. Squat: Frederick C. Hatfield, nicknamed Dr. Squat, was an American world champion powerlifter and PhD holder in Sports Sciences. He was also the co-founder and president of the International Sports Sciences Association, an organization of fitness experts which certifies personal fitness trainers from around the world.


“A gifted writer with a command of the language. His prose will get under your skin and scratch its way back out.” 

J.D. Barker - B.A. in English from Beaumont University and currently lives in Shadow Cove, Massachusetts. He is the Author of the magnificent novel, Forsaken; and the acclaimed short stories, Hybrid and Of The Lake. J.D has also collaborated and cowritten with Best Selling Author James Patterson, the September 21, 2020 release of the novel, 'The Coast-to-Coast Murders'. 

 "I am a fan of Mr. Dover's writing style. He is immediately captivating and highly entertaining, with a style that keeps to   it's own beat. Truly an original voice in horror. I definitely recommend seeking out any and all of his works." 

 Zachary Walters - In The Mouths of Madness - Reader and Book Reviewer Extraordinaire  



 "Robin Dover writes exquisite anything... I have read his work. People will know about him one day. He has serious chops   - could review a vacuum cleaner instructions pamphlet and I would hang on every word - truly one of the most     articulate and intelligent authors I know - magnificent and ferociously original." 

 Terry M. West - Acclaimed Horror Author, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor at Pleasant Storm Entertainment  



 "I don't care how jaded a reader might be, there is no denying that is powerful imagery and excellent writing - his   command of the English language is a wonder to behold - successfully pulls off a style that Peter Straub has tried (and in   my opinion) not succeeded at for many years - an educated, higher tier of writing that requires the audience to be at   least fairly proficient in English to really appreciate the full impact of his prose - an emotional resonance that openly   invites the reader in. - Robin Dover is the Pablo Picasso of horror literature: What he brings to the table may look crazy   on the surface, but he's got a plan and his work carries with it an undeniable power to compel, terrify and entertain." 

 D.S. Ullery - Contributing Author - Anthology When Red Snow Melts and Journals of Horror - Found Fiction; Poet and   Reviwer Extraordinaire 



 "Cool and creepy..."  Robyn Contract Varon - Avid Reader, Master in Literature, Super Mom  



 ". . . a Modern Master of Horror. . ." 

 Christopher Alan Broadstone - Writer, Editor and Director Black CAB Productions; Musician and Filmaker; Contributing   Author Journals of Horror: Found Fiction; Producer of three award-winning short films to date, Scream For Me (Best S   Short Film: NYC Horror Film Festival, Best Underground Short:, My Skin! (Best Horror Short:   Shriekfest Film Festival [L.A.], Best Film/Director: Cinema Edge Awards), and Human No More (Best Horror Short: The I   Indie Gathering Film Festival [OH]). 



 "This man has a way of creeping into your brain. Poetic yet brutal. The only person I have found that rivals him is Gary   Braunbeck. You need to check this author out. Now-ish." 

 Anthony Harlan - Voracious Reader; Reviewer; Dedicated Father, Husband and Community Philanthropist.  

Newsletter Signup:  It's FREE & EASY! YOU get the Latest Releases, Special Offers &
The First HALF of Resignation FREE from Book One of Shadows of Obsession! 

Thank you for subscribing! You are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

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