Ronnie Murdock did everything he could to follow the things Momma   taught him when he was only twelve-years old: to live his life as a simple   man. Ronnie finally reached adulthood and left home. But at the   conclusion of his dedication and devotion to live a simple life, his failure   to do so led to emotional damage and unfulfillment. Although he accepted   his destiny… he hadn’t completely given up hope. 

 Ronnie had been raised in a violent family environment. Alcohol abuse   led to physical violence which led to misunderstandings, twisted secrets   and a shocking misdirection of the truth. 

 Seventeen years has passed since that meeting with his mother. He is   twenty nine years old and has returned home. And Ronnie wants to make   a difference.

 Mary Kate and Justin loved one another from the     beginning; barbaric adrenaline junkies living the thrill of   the kill as partners in crime, star-crossed chaos addicts   determined to stay  together, no matter what. During the   celebration of Lupercalia, an ancient pastoral festival,   Mary Kate and Justin came upon a bloody sacrifice fit for a   king. Decisions had to be made – consequences always   follow. True love never dies… 
 Hands moved over me – cold, rough, unforgiving hands.   Multiplying fingers and thumbs pressed against me,   pushing and shifting my body, manipulating, rotating,   controlling, dragging. My crushed, deliquesced body   continued to sink, pulled away into oblivion, sucked   deeper into the mire. 
 Wake Up Little Susie was inspired by my paternal     grandmother, fondly known as Granny, who constantly   kept me and my little sister, Shanni, scared out of our   wits. It was based on an old legendary myth known as   the Dead Man’s Supper. This story also addresses child   abuse and the consequences that could and should   follow these ignorant and careless choices adult
 too often make. 
 The American Dream becomes a Living Nightmare. Colby Sharp is   about to experience a Rite of Passage. Secluded in a dingy, government   apartment, his self-esteem is at an all-time low. His only escape is the   dance. But the power of the dance isn’t enough. Halloween finally   arrives and on his favorite day of the year, he decides to venture into   the world outside the dank walls of his basement tenement. He is   drawn to a shop, overcome with one thought: I want a tattoo. Tattoos   and beauty is skin deep, unless you’re Colby Sharp… 
 This story was inspired by my parents. They enjoyed using stories   with monsters, evil beasts and ghosts to help keep their children from   getting too far out of control. This story was based on the old legend   of     The Sacky Man. In this case, The Sacky Man is Santa. Can you think of a   better man to carry the sack? It's a story about a world that no longer   experiences gratitude. And because of this, the world - and Santa - are   living a curse. "And the ungrateful shall give up their most precious..."   This is a wonderful and tasty alternative to the traditional (howbeit   heartwarming) Christmas cheer that we experience every year and is so   thought-provoking, disruptive and humorous that it keeps me occupied   throughout the whole year - this puppy is NOT just for Christmas! Take   this to bed with you, lay back, and bring REAL emotional disturbance into   your nightmares. I'll be waiting there for you with a sizzling hot plate of   baby back ribs covered with a spicy, apple glaze. 
 Aldo Capello, the mayor of New York City, is threatened by   an underground terrorist group that he has been secretly   financing in an effort to keep New York safe. With a wide-   scale terrorist attack looming,  Capello summons a   creature of hell to destroy his enemies. The Car Nex has   been unleashed, and it is ready to take Manhattan!