More than 30 Christmas themed tales of terror, including   work from Joe R. Lansdale, E.R. Robin Dover, Terry M.   West, Matt Molgaard, JC Hemphill and more! 
 Found footage is a genre of film making, especially   horror, in which all or a substantial part of a film is       presented as discovered film or video recordings, often   left behind by missing or dead protagonists. Terry M.   West and Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc. present a   revolutionary approach to the horror fiction anthology.   JOURNALS OF HORROR: Found Fiction is a collection of   terror inspired by the mechanics of the found footage   horror film. Includes the work of E.R. Robin Dover. 
 The Car Nex. Weapons will not slow it. Prayers will not   stop it. It is coming. And it hungers... Five authors put   their horrific spin on the Car Nex (Carnivore from the   Nexus), Terry M. West's wicked and unstoppable   creation. If you are a fan of gory creature feature tales,   get your monster on with this thrill packed collection of   old school horror! This volume features the first wave     of  Car Nex tales by Terry M. West, E.R. Robin Dover,   Joseph Ramshaw, Kerry EB Black and Shaun Hupp. 
 E-book edition of Axes of Evil: A Heavy Metal Horror   Anthology, featuring E.R. Robin Dover, Sephera Giron,   Lucy Taylor, John Claude Smith, Magenta Nero and   many more of the finest writers in horror today   with original stories set in the world of
 heavy metal music. 
 A FANTASY, SCIENCE FICTION, AND HORROR   ANTHOLOGY featuring seven short stories by well-   received authors, including ER Robin Dover. 
 They may scare you, thrill you, and   
 capture your imagination. 
 Passages of Pain, Lyrics of Loss is a dark, often outright   horror themed collection of poetry and song lyrics.   Contributing authors include E.R. Robin Dover,
 Matt Molgaard, Angelo  Ancheta, Vitina Molgaard, Colin   Smith, Eric  W. Jepson, Morgan Griffith, John Paul Davies,   Vincenzo  Bilof, Matthew R. Davis, Pamela Acton-Ward
 and Rachelle Gagne-Bron​son.