• Ernest Robin Dover

I come to the end of this May Day - the 1st day of May in 2021 - and ponder the many things which have coursed through my mind during the day. I thought of historical May Day celebrations all over the world - the celebration of the onset of Spring - festivals commemorating the bursting forth of new and renewed life all around us. And I smiled. I thought of the dances around the May Pole and the revelry, the laughter, the comradery of family, friends and loved ones.

I also thought of the term: Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! - the distress signal used to alert anyone listening to come forward in an emergency - to assist in life-threatening situations and circumstances. It has been in use since the 20th century - being the phonetic equivalent of the French term m'aidez ("help me").

I also thought about all of the everyday people around me - around each of us - struggling with unseen inner battles - fighting for direction - looking for help in some form or fashion. Seeking light on a journey which, to them, could be the darkest journey of their lives. Possibly their 'Dark Night of the Soul'.

"Everybody Needs A Little Help Sometimes". I often refer to myself as God's Fool. Very often, I find myself needing a little help. I love to offer my help to those in need around me. I often fall short of what I may think is the help they truly need, but nevertheless, I extend myself in a human attempt to fulfill their distress call: Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Years ago, I found myself on the side of the road, in the Winter, hitchhiking from Denver, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona. I was headed out to help a sister who struggled in an extremely difficult set of circumstances. Nightfall quickly approached and a snow storm was headed my way. I had stood in one place for five hours. No ride. An eighteen wheeler finally edged to the side of the road and stopped. I pulled myself into the cab and thanked the driver. He looked at me and said, "There's a man over there who says you're a good guy and that I need to give you a ride." I was startled and said, "I haven't seen or talked with anyone." A voice immediately sounded over the CB radio... "Everybody needs a little help sometimes."

That was God speaking to me through a kind hearted soul. I will always remember this event and also remember to pay attention to those around me who may need a little help. If I can provide it, through discernment and what little wisdom I may have, I plan to do so.

We all go through dark, bleak periods. We all have silently called, 'Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!'. All we're looking for is a kind soul to answer.

Remember: Everybody Needs A Little Help Sometimes. I hope you will be inspired to find a way to offer a little help.

Happy May Day!

  • Ernest Robin Dover

Change is inevitable in our lives. And if we’re really honest with ourselves and paying attention, we see that it doesn’t take long for things to change around us. Or inside of us. From year to year, we see changes in ourselves. You can’t stop it. There’s nothing you can do about it. Well… almost.

We may not be able to stop or even control the changes in our lives, but we CAN influence the changes. We can make wise choices – decisions which feel good to us. We can deliberately direct our paths into the direction of our dreams, wishes and desires for our lives. We can make promises – vows – to ourselves… and keep them. We can move away from toxic people, places and things and move toward nurturing, congruent and loving people and circumstances. One step at a time is all it takes. One baby step, practiced deliberately, regularly and with faith, hope and focus.

I took a meaningful step forward in faith with an amazing woman named Gloria Raye Hatfield on Easter Sunday, the 4th of April this year. We stepped forward, took one another’s hands and I spoke these words:

We’ve come a long way… you and me. From the very beginning, we made unspoken promises to one another on levels that transcend the physical. Much of this had to have happened before we physically met one another. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the promises we made happened on some heavenly plane before we were even born. I felt it the first time we spoke on the phone. We both laughed so much. It was truly surreal and beautiful.

This is my time to take some of the unspoken promises I made to you and put them to words. To speak aloud to you, to God and to the world. To shout out my love for you from the rooftops. When I asked myself, ‘What dreams may come?’ – I awakened and there you were – my dream come true. When I saw you for the first time… I saw the rest of my life. You are my past, my present and my future.

A vow is a promise. I promise to love you with all my mind, all my might and all my strength and to seek to truly know you and join with you. I promise to honor you, to respect you and to protect you. I promise to pay attention to subtle promptings guiding me to be a better man, a better friend, a better partner, and the ideal husband – for you. Just for you.

I pray we will rise above any perception of offense, and if we fail at this, to always be quick to forgive, for after all, we are human and subject to stumbling at times. I pray we always find ways to make each other laugh, help one another through the difficult challenges life can sometimes bring, lift one another up and to always celebrate our sacred union. That we will always surrender to the will of God, always be humble and kind and to always respect the need and benefit of wise and tender words. I pray that before we speak, we will ask ourselves: is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, and does it improve the silence?

Jacqueline Gloria Raye – you are my One True and Sacred Love. You pulled me from the darkness, inspired me with Light and Love and proved to me I am not alone. Today is an amazing, essential step toward nurturing the magic and miracle of us – together.

These are my promises – my vows – to you. I hope it’s all right to say that I’m insanely in love with you. Forever. And yet, I have more awareness, stability and clarity in me now than I have ever had before. All because of you. It’s wonderful to see the world through your eyes, to see you smile, and to hear you laugh. I also want you to know that you are never in my way. You are my way. Your love amazes me. Yes. I do – love you.

Every day is a journey. Every hour we pass through cannot be reclaimed. Make promises to yourself… to your heart. Make vows to you and your loved ones and do everything you can to keep them. Remember it’s okay to make mistakes because we are all learning along this journey. Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

I say… be strong and of a good courage. Get more positively involved in your life. Don’t ever quit… but remember it’s okay to change course if you feel in your heart of hearts that this is what you want or need to do. We can guide and influence the inescapable changes in our lives. We can choose to do something great. Our lives are worth – everything. It’s our life. Inspiration comes when you allow the light in. Rest. Regenerate. Be ready. Prepare to put forth effort. Work to sculpt your life into a beautiful labor of love.

Even though we can’t reclaim the moments which pass away, we can create our future in this moment. Remember the most inspired moment of your life? Remember the most uplifting, hopeful experience of your life? Remember the power of the good feelings flowing through you in that moment? Remember the BEST you have ever been in your life? Well… YOU STILL ARE. The best you have ever been is STILL a part of you. Feel it – for this part of you still lives. Nurture and love that part of you and allow it to thrive, flourish and enhance the rest of your life.

I make a vow to all of you. I promise you this: fulfillment, contentment and joy follow devoted commitment to lose yourself in the service of others AND in remembering that we must allow others to lose themselves in the service of us. We are all connected.

This promise I make to you.

I do.

  • Ernest Robin Dover

And we have this moment. Always. And yet this moment appears to pass into the oblivion of our past, which instantaneously becomes an illusion because now is all there ever is. Our consciousness turns this moment into a memory. I look out across this strange paradoxical event and I stand in awe. I think about what I want so much for this moment because I imagine a future where memories of love, joy and fulfillment will be created. And for a moment – I forget about the moment – and I get lost in the desire for something beyond this moment. But when I come back and I immerse myself in gratitude and know that I am exactly where I need to be, I say thank you, release my breath and feel appreciation and true comfort in the trust that permeates this moment in my life.

And we have this moment. Thank you for sharing this with me.