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Embrace the Mystery

So much has happened since I posted my first blog on New Year’s Day. And we thought 2021 would be a substantially better year… immediately. Right? I won’t make a list of current events. You already know. I’ll be open with you regarding my approach to life in general: I lean more toward being an optimist. I know. I know. You may ask how is that even possible considering what the world has been through over the last 20 years. 9/11 certainly changed all of us – around the world – no one exempt. Not only world events… but each of us has experienced our own personal traumas and crises, too. Onward we go…

I fight an internal battle with pessimism. I know you don’t blame me. My compromise in coping with this inner struggle is attempting to blend my brand of optimism with a bit of pessimism… which probably makes me something of a realist. But no matter what, I’m still going to sway toward the optimism. I do this for myself. To maintain a degree of sanity in this world we all live in with a history of everything good and bad happening since the dawn of time. “Let go – Let God.” I find myself repeating this in my mind on certain days which weigh especially heavy on me. And then I remember… it’s time to let go and to let God. And then I have to stop repeating this to myself and get on with living with an eye single to going with the flow. I feel God, the Universe and my soul want me to do this. And so do I. I want to live life with just enough faith that I feel hope manifesting. Faith in the people around me, my family and friends – in other words – my loved ones. I also do everything I can every day to treat the stranger who approaches me as my loved one. Well… there are those days when I’d rather just stay at home. With my familiars. But the sun rises, I take a deep breath and out into the open arms of the unknown I go. I continue my journey through this thing called life. And I embrace the mystery.


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