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God Answers Prayers

Okay. Here that Dover goes again... talking about God. Yes. It's the 15th of December 2021 as I write this. It's the final Dover's Blog for the year. And - I will be taking a Sabbatical from blogging to spend more time focused on writing and editing in 2022. I may show up in the Spring for an update. But for the interim, it will be concentrated on finishing projects that have been calling to me for attention.

God answers prayers. Do you believe in God? Do you pray? Do you get down on your knees in humility and pray? Do you close your eyes in bed at night and send out thoughts to God? I may be considered to be an obsessed man. A huge portion of my waking hours are filled with me thinking to God. I'm constantly having conversations with God. I'm telling God my dreams, my goals, my plans, thanking God for my wife, my children and my grand-children. I'm telling God how much I appreciate my friends, asking God to give me compassion, strength and courage toward the people who I think must hate me (or at least dislike me so much that it could be classified as loathing). I'm constantly thanking God for things going the way I think I want to see things go; apologizing for becoming angry or ridiculously frustrated toward people who may be set in their ways or have something to teach me the hard way. I take a deep breath, regroup and thank God for helping me to move past a situation and see what I can do to possibly make something good happen around me. I ask for guidance for how to make a positive contribution.

You may ask yourself if I'm constantly thinking thoughts directly to God, as though God were truly my Father in Heaven, or as though God were my friend... how can I find time for anything else? It does take some strategy and yet, I find while I'm praying to God with my eyes wide open and performing my duties on my job, or working on my novel, or spending time talking with my wife or my daughter, that God is right there with us in everything we are doing. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

You may be thinking... okay... this Dover guy really must be some kind of religious fanatic or something. And you would be right - it has to be defined as - something. I can't quite put my finger on it. I've been this way - all of my life. Since childhood. Don't get me wrong. I have to admit there have been some incredibly dark periods in my life. Likely defined as periods of possible pseudo apostacy. No. There has been no devil worshipping. To me that would be an extreme waste of my time. And if I have promised God I would not desecrate anything He considered Holy, then I have kept my promise. I constantly pray for guidance from the Holy Ghost that I will always have the Spirit of Discernment to guide me into pathways of light, truth and definite progression during my time on Earth - during this Second Estate. For I firmly believe that we all were in God's presence during a pre-mortal existence during our First Estate in heavenly realms before we came to this Earth and communed with God, our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus the Christ.

During one of our earliest meaningful conversations, my wife and I discovered that we had something very important in common: we only wanted to know and understand what was true - period. We both felt there were universal truths and we wanted to know them, hopefully understand them, and do everything we could to live our lives according to these truths. That, besides our mutual compassion toward one another and seeing life an an eternal continuum, a Holy journey where God played the central role - seeking truth - is what brought us together and keeps us together. And now, it is just love upon love upon love.

God answers prayers. Let me tell you: you invest enough - no - as much of yourself as you possibly can - into communicating with God - you will see, you will hear, your will feel His answers. If you humbly seek God's purpose for you - you will discover it. You know, in order to improve, we must change. Not every change is an improvement. But every improvement we make will definitely be a change we make.

Pray to God. Do it however you wish. You could use the method Jesus prescribed: Dear Heavenly Father - (find something to be thankful for - express gratitude, pour out your heart, your desires, your fears, your weaknesses, things you need help with, ways you want to grow stronger, better - I know you understand this...) and close the prayer in the name of Jesus Christ - Amen. And send your thoughts out to God every day. Tell Him how you feel. Tell Him what you think. Connect. I believe that within each of us God placed a Divine Spark - Life - and that lifeforce is akin to a microchip which is a direct line to God. I think when we direct our thoughts to God, that Divine Spark is activated - and God notices. Just do it. Practice it. Get good at it. Become an expert in communicating with God. Earn your Black Belt in GodSpeak. I assure you, you put this into practice and you will see: God Answers Prayers.

God Bless all of you. Much Love to you. Always Agape.


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