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Going With The Flow

It's the 1st of November. My mind is just rambling from one thought to the other. And somehow, I feel one with all of you. Because I know this is something we all do every day. And that's what I want to talk about tonight. If you feel inclined to comment on this entry, do so with freedom of speech. Freedom of thought.

I usually briefly scan over the daily headlines. I do it because sometimes I like to think I'm in touch with what's going on in the world around me. I do it briefly in order to protect my mind and my spirit from an onslaught of negativity. Because that's what the media has a tendency to focus on as news. And I move on...

I think about my life. The relationships I have formed. The friendships. I think of my family. My wife, Jackie. My children... all of them. And I think of my grand-children... all 9 of them. And I think about my health and that I am aging. I look forward to retirement in the not too distant future. I appreciate the good things about all of this. Don't we all do this? Aren't we all connected in this way?

I ask God to help me to be the husband, the Dad and father and the son to Him that He wants me to be. I feel I need this divine help in order to improve because I've always had a bit of difficulty struggling with a low self-esteem. I'm poignantly aware of my weaknesses and shortcomings and frailty. So, I want to be humble and step away from becoming arrogant when I see I am growing stronger or gaining more knowledge or becoming more skilled in some way.

I just wanted to ramble a bit with you tonight. Just go with the flow of these thoughts and things flowing through my mind in 'real time'... as I write and as they come to me.

Thank you for taking your time to read my meanderings. I know this has been quite informal. That's nice. Isn't it? For a change? Things don't always have to be so structured and stoic.

I love you all... I'm working on ways to show this and to express my affection for you. It makes me feel good. A little selfish. Yes. But I hope you will feel good, too - just going with the flow.


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