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Ground Hog Day - Again

I feel an unusual excitement about writing tonight. Let me begin by saying thank you to those who have recently signed up for Dover’s Blog. Also, I thank all of you for taking the time to read anything I write. It’s an honor to me that you would choose to spend your time – part of your life – allowing me to vicariously step into your life and unabashedly influence you. Words are magic. They are mystical. Writers write for many reasons. Tonight, I write specifically to move you in some small way. And if I get into your zone – right or wrong – then I’ll do that. This excitement I feel about writing tonight is unusual in a way – because I am exhausted. But I couldn’t – wouldn’t – allow this day to pass without writing to you. I’m going to meander a bit. I think because I am so tired, it may seem more fragmented to me than it will to you. Either way, I’m sharing with you. I’m reaching out – because I need to connect. Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day. It’s arguably my favorite day of the year. Okay. That’s probably an overstatement. I exaggerate for effect. I learned from an old biology teacher in high school that to exaggerate for effect helped him to connect with his students. I hope it helps you connect with me and me to connect with you. Because that’s one of the primary as well as primal objectives of why I write – to connect with you. To connect with God. To flow into the cosmic universe around me and within me and – connect. One of the reasons we are all here on this Earth is to learn the lesson of relationships. That happens through connecting. It brings all the fragments of our subconscious and of those hidden emotions dwelling in our hearts together. Into a Sacred Synthesis. And it’s Ground Hog Day – again. And we get to practice over and over again – until we get it. Okay. I know this blog has meandered a bit. I warned you about that. I’m exhausted. But I couldn’t do without reaching out to connect with each and every one of you. Because – we are all connected.


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