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How Do You Really Feel?

How do you feel? Really? I'm not asking you what you think. You can share that, too, if you like. What I'm asking is how do you really feel in this moment? Do you feel tired? Exhausted? Beat down? Depressed? Suicidal? Hopeless? Forlorn?

Do you feel impatient? Anxious? Stressed out? Agitated? Confused? Wound tight? Angry? Defeated? Fearful? Afraid?

Do you feel joy within you? Can you feel the joy flowing out from individuals around you? From your friends? From your family? From society?

How do you really feel? Are you sharing the things you feel with someone close? Or with a complete stranger?

I feel absolutely exhausted. I'm sharing that with you now. I don't feel defeated. To me, life isn't so much a game that you win or lose. But... we continue on and we play anyway. In spite of all the bad news, the trauma we are bombarded with on a daily basis, we continue to stay in the game just because it's what we do. Win or lose. We keep going.

I trust life. It beats me down sometimes. But I get back up again. Often, I find there's a hand reaching out to help me up. Sometimes by a kind glance, a soft word, or someone literally joining in to physically help me accomplish something difficult. Making it a little easier - or a lot easier - by helping. I am grateful. And I share that gratitude with them. With my wife. With my children. With my friends. With my coworkers. This is how I feel. And I share my feelings with them. I am sharing my feelings with you... right now.

I don't regret sharing my feelings with you. I am happy to do so. I experience joy through the connection. And I am always touched when you share your feelings with me.

Thank you.


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