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Mom and Dad

I had something more lengthy written for this blog. I was extremely happy with what I had to say to all of you. However, when I went to search for the picture I wanted to use, lo and behold, my internet slipped away and I lost everything I had written. Has this ever happened to any of you? I'm sure it has. Initially, I was deeply disappointed. But as in so many circumstances in my life, I became a philosopher, took a deep breath and began again.

It's much later now and I'm going to turn this blog into a focus on the finer points I wanted to make.

I honor my parents. Mom and Dad. There was never a time when they offended me. Therefore, there was never a time I felt I ever had to forgive them. They instilled faith, hope and courage into me. They believed in me. And because of them, I believed in myself.

Because of them, I am alive. They passed to the other side. Dad long ago. Mom not so long ago. I miss them, appreciate them and love them for all the things they said to me, demonstrated to me, taught me and for the sense of humor they nurtured within my personality.

They encouraged me to walk into the open arms of the unknown and to embrace it. They inspired me to want to love, to smile and to be a friend to the world.

These two people did all of that. I will forever be in their debt. And yet, they never once made me feel like I owed them a thing. I always did everything I could to show them I loved and respected them.

Mom and Dad.


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