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It's the 1st of December 2021. Is anyone feeling stressed at all? Are you looking forward to this year coming to a close? Are you feeling any stress about 2022 and what it may hold for each of us? Do you ever feel like you're losing your mind? I think I lose my mind at least once every day. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. I'm just going with it and figure I need to be out of my mind - in order to reset, change my mind and see if I can find a way to positively evolve. I think it's working. I must admit... all of it... the vicissitudes of life... does drive me a little crazy.

We've all gone through and come through a lot since the end of 2019. And I feel like it's worth repeating an entry to a novel trilogy I'm currently editing entitled 'The Mind of God' - “The historic year of 2020 stormed in like a raping intruder. Dragging pillage and cruel abandon in its wake. The world trembled in an abject state of poverty, and ruin. The Earth suffered a worldwide demolition exercise through natural geodynamic and meteorological devastation. The years of countless underground nuclear testing, mining the earth to a state of ridiculous depletion, accelerating continental drift and irritating the natural process of plate tectonics, provided an ideal condition for critical mass… a milestone in the culmination of forces of overt sabotage at work, savagely set against the progressive devolution of society. The Earth screamed an accusation of cruelty and unnatural judgment against the Gods of War and Grief.” I wrote those words 26 years ago. To me, it feels a lot like truth.

And if you listen to the media, they say 2021 has been even worse. More death. More disease. And we take a deep breath, nod or shake our heads and go on.

I do everything I can to reach out to people around me and help in some way. To be honest, it seems like the more I lose my mind and surrender to what appears to be chaos... the easier it gets to give and to share... and to love. Maybe it's just because I'm adapting to the new world our lives have come to. Maybe we are all adapting.

The insanity I sometimes feel can be alarming and then I realize about all I can do is embrace the craziness and find a way to rise above my frailties. I think I'm finding myself embracing my weaknesses, my shortcomings and my inadequacies and settling into humility, kindness and support of others. I think this helps me, too.

I think the image of the two wise owls above perfectly exemplifies how I currently feel. I think my wife feels similar. I believe the owls are a true selfie of my wife, Jackie (to so many of you, Gloria) and myself. And... from my 64 year old perspective, soon to be 65 in March, wondering what life holds in store is pretty amazing, inspiring, daunting and often overwhelming. Having said that, I'm looking forward to whatever life - and God - holds in store for us... for all of us.

Thank you for bearing with me, taking the time to read Dover's Blog and I hope you are dealing well with whatever is stressing you. Let it go. Roll with it. Lay it down. Take a deep breath and let's be thankful for all that we have and all that we can give.

God Bless Us - Everyone.


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