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The Rolling Thrones

Once upon a time, crossing over multiple dimensions of time and space simultaneously, four very intense men became great friends through their love of music, art, film and literature. Because of the demands of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, a strange concept formed within the minds of the men's shared universe. Their bond inspired them to form a band. They called themselves The Rolling Thrones and embarked on a world tour demonstrating their love of guitar, drums, and their mothers. Who are the members of this amazingly talented group? Trent Zelazny, Joe R. Lansdale, E. R. Robin Dover and George R. R. Martin.

The US & World Tour of the Monarchs commenced a twenty-six-date tour beginning in Santa Fe, New Mexico on 6 June 2014 and concluded back in Santa Fe on that same date one year later. The tour included performances in Tokyo, Mumbai, Moscow, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Madrid, Athens, Cairo, Mexico City, Miami and New York. Their debut album, entitled Please Please Me, was released on 22 March 2014. Every date sold out on the tour and their debut album sold 40 million copies worldwide with 20 million in the US alone. It was, most indeed, an electrifying, fulfilling, transcendent and fun - incredibly fun - experience.

Occasionally, these men meet up in Santa Fe, as well as on other dimensions, to discuss this outlandish fiction and agree that, in this case, truth is not necessarily stranger than fiction. Although this event manifested as an incident of virtual reality, it has nevertheless been a magical experience. One worth remembering. Look. You did it! You used your imagination!

The point of this crazy story: Don’t ever stop dreaming. And. Do something meaningful about it. You can start by believing in yourself and those around you who you love.

Later… until the Ides of March.


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