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We Are One

I remember the excitement I felt when 2019 went away… and yet I also felt something churning in my gut regarding 2020. The signs told all of us soon enough that 2020 wasn’t going to be the beginning of a decade focused on clear, blue skies, peace, love and good-happiness stuff. But it would certainly be the beginning of a decade of alternative clarity…

Here is an excerpt from a novel I started writing twenty-six years ago. “The historic year of 2020 stormed in like a raping intruder. Dragging pillage and cruel abandon in its wake. The world trembled in an abject state of poverty, and ruin. The Earth suffered a worldwide demolition exercise through natural geodynamic and meteorological devastation. The years of countless underground nuclear testing, mining the earth to a state of ridiculous depletion, accelerating continental drift and irritating the natural process of plate tectonics, provided an ideal condition for critical mass… a milestone in the culmination of forces of overt sabotage at work, savagely set against the progressive devolution of society. The Earth screamed an accusation of cruelty and unnatural judgment against the Gods of War and Grief.”

This excerpt is from The Mind of God, originally intended to be a simple dystopian novel which I eventually decided to turn into a trilogy… expanding, editing and building out new scenes and expanding the overall depth of the characters. The Mind of God, I hope, will see publication by the end of 2021.

When I read this unedited excerpt earlier this year, it immediately placed my attention in a stranglehold. I sat in silence, mouth hanging open and re-read the excerpt. And I shook my head. It blew me away to see the pandemic going on in the world around us in 2020… literally as well as figuratively.

I’ll end this blog, for now, by saying Happy New Year in 2021. May it be a healthier, happier, safer and more prosperous year for all of us. Perspective is so important. Let us move away from fear and allow love to guide our steps. Let’s lift one another in more ways than one. Be creative. Be patient. Be intuitive. We’re all in this together. Really. We are one.


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